Sunday, June 30, 2013

Petaluma Antiques Fair 2013

Petaluma Antique Fair April 2013

Hey bloggers, I wanted to share with you some pics I took at the antique fair in downtown Petaluma. I took these pictures using my cell phone which was set on close up so they don't look all that hot enlarged. Lesson learned, next time bring the "real camera"

Anywho, I went to the fair with my best friend Colette and both my daughters and granddaughter. It was going to be hot that day so we set out early, lucky for me my kids are early risers just like there mommy!. The booths were overflowing with items this year. I took many more pics but only posted a few. Hope you like them.

Pretty little tea cups looking so dainty!
My granddaughter haming it up for grandma!

This was so cool, A vintage dress form from early 1900s I absolutely wanted to take this home with me. I love the design and vintage colors, I have never seen one like it.

Pretty Butterfly

Here is a view of the "Petauma River" seems a little low to me....

This used to be a dance club we used to hang out in back in the 80's. Looks a wee bit different now a days
Here is a pic of me and my granddaughter, for some reason she had a thing about sticking her tongue out that day lol, kids. BTW I got that hat for 5 bucks at the fair and yes my eyes are closed can never seem to take a decent pic with them open.
Heading off to get Ice Cream
I had a great day and only spent $25 dollars. I found a lady selling a bunch of stamens for flowers and picked those up for about 15 bucks and then had lunch at a little bistro downtown which was so good, We had Thai Chicken lettuce wraps yummy!

Hope you had fun ready about my adventure. See you next time!

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