Friday, April 29, 2016

Grunge Queen of Hearts printable tag freebie

I made this awhile ago and thought I would share it with you all. This collage sheet is for Personal Use Only

free printable by laughngypsy

Monday, December 7, 2015

Chirstmas Tag Freebie

Here is a cute little Christmas tag I made using an images from the Grahpics Fairy site. Isn't she adorable?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Free Halloween Printable Papers

I know I am so slooow with uploading things I have no excuse other than I am just internet lazy :) but here are some nice Halloween orange 12 by 12 printable scrapbook papers for you to use in your crafts or albums ect. Just don't claim them as your own or sell them as is okay?

This is a real nice orange with a little bit of yellow,  nice scrapbook background for your Halloween photos eh?

A Damask pattern and stripes patterns, imagine all the things you could do with these!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Repurposed 1970s Occasional Table Shabby Chic Style with Patisserie Stencils

I got an old fashioned 70's type brown occasional table ugh! Since I was a kid in the 70s I am not so keen on reliving the furniture style of the times with shag carpet and avocado green appliances no thank you! When I see a nice piece like this one I hear it in my mind saying SAVE ME!

Here is the before image, pretty basic right? I picked this up for a few bucks at my local thrift shop. I love the curved top and the legs were very sturdy. I decided to paint it shabby chic white, distress it and add some French transfers.

Well after I added the white homemade chalk paint and sanded it I was happy with the outcome. What do you think?

I love the deco art French stencils, though I have to admit I seem to always lift the stencil and get some paint underneath. No problem though I just sand it a little bit and it finished up quite nicely.

I have a few more items I am working on like this ugly dresser

Well that's all that is happening in my neck of the woods, how is your creative projects coming along?

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Garden Delights

I love plants and gardening but it just seems that I can't get the darn plants to grow how I want them. I plant something and it grows over onto my other plants or they just don't grow at all and don't even get me started on our lawn er crabgrass!
This year I got some Succulents from a lady who sells small containers of about 4 or 5 plants for $2. They actually have grown quite a bit and I have propagated them for even more plants. Now that's a great payoff in my opinion! Here are some photos from my garden this year. So, what do you think? I planned it out a little better this year as far as spacing but the crabgrass is still going strong!

garden succulants laughngypsy
My $2 container of Succulents!

laughngypsy at blogger
Blooming Iris, Lovely isn't it?

fushias from laughngypsy at blogger
Mothers Day Fuchsia from my Daughter

Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to check out my free printables for your crafts! Look up at the top header for a link or just scroll through my blog.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some New Freebies!

I am so bad at updating my blog and I am sorry about that, writing is not my strong suit I guess. I do have some freebies for you today and as always you can use them any way you like just please don't sell them as is its only fair.
I don't know if you can use these but I hope you can use them for something crafty!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere!

Bottles For Decorating

Here are a few of the bottles I have collected over the year since last Halloween. I have been on a bottle hunt every time I go out the the thrift stores. Quite a collection right! I am now starting to think I am obsessed with bottles, everywhere I go I see them and think hmmm what could I do with that?

 Well I hope you enjoyed my horde collection of bottle and labels, check back soon for more decorated bottles!

Thanks for stopping by!