Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere!

Bottles For Decorating

Here are a few of the bottles I have collected over the year since last Halloween. I have been on a bottle hunt every time I go out the the thrift stores. Quite a collection right! I am now starting to think I am obsessed with bottles, everywhere I go I see them and think hmmm what could I do with that?

 Well I hope you enjoyed my horde collection of bottle and labels, check back soon for more decorated bottles!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Part Two Altered Box Handmade Tissue Paper Tutorial

Part 2 of Hand Stamped Tissue Paper Tutorial

I have to say I completely forgot to post the 2nd half of my tutorial on how to alter a box using homemade tissue paper. Better late then never everyone says but never really means lol, so here are the final pictures and directions for the tutorial.

I just took a cheap frame from Michael's and added some of my tissue paper with some decoupage glue and pressed down to make sure I got the entire top. Don't you just love how you see the ink but not the paper? I chose one of my favorite images to fit in the frame which I have in my Etsy shop at Wotdoin. I love the two girls in the photo, I always wonder who or what they are looking at.

laughngypsy tissue paper frame blog post 

laughngypsy vintage photo 1920s young ladies photograph altered art box

Next I took some lace I had from other projects and sprayed it with Vintage Pink Glitter Spray, I love that color!



Then I just added and subtracted items until I got the look I wanted. I used a lot of Paper flowers from iamroses for the corners, tim holts key hole for the bottom left corner with some seam binding and of course bling, bling, bling.

This is the final result

laughngypsy crinoline butterfly altere art mixed media
Crinoline Butterfly by me & Flowers by iamroses

mixed media art by laughngypsy
Petaloo Flower

iamroses and cheese cloth

altered box by laughngypsy
iamroses gardenia and a petaloo small flower

altered trinket box by laughngypsy
The Altered Box Top Cover

Top inside of box with Graphic 45 Papers

trinket box with graphic 45 papers laughngypsy
Inside Trinket Box with Graphic 45
So there you have it, the finally finished tutorial! I hope you enjoyed it. My next post will be making the cute little Crinoline Butterflies next to the little flower on the box.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shabby Chic Peat Pot Decorations, Party Favors, Treat Cups

Tutorial for Shabby Chic Peat Pots

Welcome back everyone! I saw some pins on Pinterest with peat pots that people decorated with flowers, twine, and other pretty things so I went to my favorite place, Home Depot, and purchased 15 peat pots for under 2 bucks! What a bargain! Here is what I did with them.

First I painted them with home made chalk paint, then stamped them with my french rubber stamps in sepia tone ink.
peat pots home decor

 Next I added some lace around the top, I used a glue gun for this step.

adding lace to peat pot laughngypsy

Next I just added whatever stuck my fancy. I used some Iamroses Gardenias (love those), some more ribbon, yarn, fabric pieces and of course cheesecloth.

Peat pot decor by laughngypsy

And that was about it. This is a super easy project and if you mess a few up they are only a few cents per pot so no big deal to throw one away and start over : )

peat pot decoration altered art by laughngypsy

Here are the finished pots

peat pot decoration chalk painted by laughngypsy

That all of them so far, hope you liked them and stay tuned I am going to show you how to make Crinoline Butterflies next!
Take care my friends.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Wow I cannot believe that I have not been at my blog since August! What was I thinking? I don't know lol. I am back now and I redesigned the blog to look more appealing. I also am merging my other blog to this one so I only have one since now I can add pages to this blog. I will be offering free image to use in you art or whatever design mode you are doing. I am also trying my hand at redoing thrift store/ flea market finds. I love that and its fun to splash paint all over the place!

destashing my art supplies
Going through my embellishments!

I have to move out of my house for 3 weeks for a remodel and I mean move out as in everything must go "sigh" that was a LOT of work! One never knows how much they have collected until they have to move it. It was only 3 weeks but the packing and storing and staying with friends and then the unpacking, well it was a months long process. I am happy to say, however, that the house looks great! New drywall, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms redone! It was worth it for sure.

Since I had to pack my belonging and unpack I got rid of a lot of stuff I had lying around for and few months years. When I moved the art stuff back in it sat around for awhile until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go through it. I am sure I have a small amout of supplies compared to some but for me it was an all day job and I am still not happy with how I stored it lol, Guess I will have to try again when I have the time!