Friday, June 20, 2014


Wow I cannot believe that I have not been at my blog since August! What was I thinking? I don't know lol. I am back now and I redesigned the blog to look more appealing. I also am merging my other blog to this one so I only have one since now I can add pages to this blog. I will be offering free image to use in you art or whatever design mode you are doing. I am also trying my hand at redoing thrift store/ flea market finds. I love that and its fun to splash paint all over the place!

destashing my art supplies
Going through my embellishments!

I have to move out of my house for 3 weeks for a remodel and I mean move out as in everything must go "sigh" that was a LOT of work! One never knows how much they have collected until they have to move it. It was only 3 weeks but the packing and storing and staying with friends and then the unpacking, well it was a months long process. I am happy to say, however, that the house looks great! New drywall, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms redone! It was worth it for sure.

Since I had to pack my belonging and unpack I got rid of a lot of stuff I had lying around for and few months years. When I moved the art stuff back in it sat around for awhile until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go through it. I am sure I have a small amout of supplies compared to some but for me it was an all day job and I am still not happy with how I stored it lol, Guess I will have to try again when I have the time!

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